About Bachata ConeXion

Bachata Has Taken Over  

Vision statement:

Connecting the Bachata community of Melbourne, Australia and beyond!

Mission statement:

  • We want every person to dance and learn Bachata and enjoy our events and smile with us.
  • We strive for dance mindfulness where dancing Bachata with a partner, while listening to the Bachata rhythms and connecting with one another is a glimpse of heaven on earth.
  • Everyone at Bachata ConeXion strives to dance with at least three people they have never danced with before. Experience and skill level is irrelevant. Our students, social dancers, visitors, team members, instructors, DJs, photographers are each as important as one another.

History of Bachata ConeXion

In the beginning, we had a house party to celebrate one of our team members birthdays. It was September 2017. The playlist was simple, mainly Bachata!

It was a time when Bachata events on the weekend in Melbourne was virtually non-existent and the once a month socials played predominantly Salsa music.

With a new era about to begin, another House Party was created on November of 2017 and thus Bachata ConeXion was formed.

In December of 2017 Bachata ConeXion based itself at the Conga Room in Fitzroy once a fortnight, on alternate weekends.

Other Bachata events started to follow and with the Conga Room becoming full of tenants, a new, bigger home was needed, along with a unique identity, which needed to prevail. This led us to Sokol, North Melbourne, that began in April of 2018.

During that time we have endeavoured to link the Bachata community through inviting guest Bachata instructors and DJs from across the scene. This was also highlighted at the Bachata Melbourne All Stars Festival (Weekender) in 2018, which was about celebrating and highlighting Bachata in Melbourne City.

As Bachata ConeXion ‘Saturdays’ continued to grow, a Bachata ConeXion dance school and social night was developed every Wednesday in the heart of Carlton in December 2018!

The Original House Party!

ConeXion at Conga!

The Battles!

New home! Sokol Melbourne!

Bachata Melbourne All Stars!

ConeXion ‘Wednesdays’